More than a signature…

A signature represents not only a name or a person, but their values and honer.
For an author, a signature is their brand, logo, and mark.

Digital Signature

Tiffaney, an author, needed a high-quality signature she could use in her books, articles, and emails. Tiffaney approached me looking to clean up her existing signature while making it more legible and crisp for on and off screen use.

To accomplish this, each optical relationships was examined. The letterforms were balanced, the x-height was unified and raised, and the counters were opened to produce a consistent even tone.

Tiffaney's final signature carries the values, professionalism, and standards she brings to her readers.

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Rhett loves typography. In fact he is the author of the ebook ScreenType and where you can learn the ins and outs of cross-media typesetting. If you would like to get involved in writing and developing TotallyType, Rhett would love to hear from you.

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