Rhett is a full-stack designer.

Rhett started out as an IT professional before beginning his career as a graphic designer and quickly crossing over into web design. His unique background has placed him as a liaison between print and web teams while also making him the guy who will fix your printer. Today, Rhett operates cross-disciplines and is able to take almost any project from concept to completion. Rhett however, is not a full-stack developer, but literally speaks their language.

Offering design services backed by a decade of professional experience in both digital and print media, Rhett is a valuable asset to you and your company. Rhett's secret weapons are Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge Code, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, paper and a 1.0 mm Uni-Ball Jetstream Rollerball Pen.


As a UX/UI designer, Rhett loves to design simple and beautiful interfaces that help users accomplish their goals regardless of their device or technological skills.

  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Metrics & Analytics


Rhett is both a designer and developer, allowing him to design, test, and launch solutions and work harmoniously with every member of your creative team.

  • Cross-device & responsive design
  • Search-optimised websites
  • Twitter Bootstrap integration
  • CMS/WordPress solutions
  • Responsive HTML Email


Rhett has a keen eye for details which he uses to create stunning visuals and deliver valuable business solutions that incorporate your brand, values, and voice.

  • Publication Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Package Design
  • Signage/POP Displays
  • Typography/Typeface Design


Rhett can handle every step of the creative process – concept to production – print to digital – delivering cross-media solutions that reach your audience.

  • Book/EPUB Layout
  • Print & Interactive Forms
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Print/Prepress

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